Timeline of The Marble Throne

This page is intended to draw a rough chronology of events since the beginning of Black Deer phase, it’s ending and events of The Marble Throne

  • Example structure – 2.3.5 281AC – (month.week.day yearAC)

281 AC

3.1.7 281 AC – Inheritance crisis of Ironhall – Caralla Blackdeere inherits Ironhall and nearby lands from her deceased father, ser Ranulf Blackdeere, landed knight of Walder Frey
6.6.3 281 AC – Roland Blackwood arrives at Ironhall and enters Mournlet for the first time, Caralla Blackdeere refuses Lord Rosnell’s son as a suitor for her hand.
6.7.1 281 AC – Theon Rosnell seizes Ironhall, Roland Blackwood is made acting maester by command of Theon Rosnell, using him in search for Mournlet villagers. Caralla Blackdeere flees.
7.1.2 281 AC – Caralla Blackdeere is halted nearby Seagard, the house keep of Jason Mallister and is taken into custody by Joseth Mallister who promises Lady Blackdeere to escort her to Lord Walder Frey in hope of settling the crisis. Sergeant Borke is assigned as commander of Ironhall garrisson by Theon Rosnell. She is however invited to stay for some time.
7.4.3 281 AC – Hunt for villagers of Mournlet continues, Roland Blackwood is kidnapped by villagers of Bearshove, being suspected a traitor and a vile mischievant in service of Rosnell family. He is however saved from the lynching mob by ser Jon Boare, a young knight formerly in service of Lady Blackdeere and is forced to swear an oath, obligating him into murder or harming of sergeant Borke in exchange for his life and is released.
7.4.4 281 AC – Roland Blackwood flees Ironhall and is detered by ser Aegon Frey in nearby woods. Roland is revealed as healer and bonesetter and is named the “hedge maester” of Withermotte known to all to be the bandit outpost of ser Aegon Frey. He quickly gains his favour which is soon envied by ancient hedgeknight, aswell in Aegon’s service, named Gyle Ashtree.
7.5.1 281 AC – Joseth Mallister and Caralla Blackdeere are travelling to attend the tourney of Harrenhall, Joseth promises to Lady Blackdeere that Lord Walder Frey, her liege, is also going to attend and her dispute may well be resolved there.
7.5.7 281 AC – Jason Mallister conspires with Rosnells, offering them Caralla Blackdeere in exchange for joint assault on Aegon Frey, who harassed Mallister lands for last six years. Lord Rosnell agrees and prepares his force, lying to Walder Frey about Lady Blackdeere whereabouts. Lord Rosnell leaves command to his heir, Walder Rosnell and goes to Harenhall to secure his plans with Mallisters.

7.6.6 281 AC – Lord Whent iniciates the famous tourney at Harehall on Maiden’s day, nameday of his daughter
7.7.1 281 AC – Battle at Withermotte – Joint forces of Ser Ormond Mallister and Ser Walder Rosnell attacks Withermotte, Ser Aegon Frey flees the field and sends message to Lothar Frey, Roland Blackwood is wounded, army of Aegon Frey is dispersed
7.7.6 281 AC – Mallisters are informed about the battle, survival of Aegon Frey and are forced to abandon Rosnells to their fate, handing Lady Blackdeere to Lord Walder Frey, who arrives day before.
7.7.7 281 AC – Tourney at Harrenhal is concluded with crowning Lyanna Stark the queen of love and beauty, Lord Rosnell is arrested by Walder Frey and sends order to Aegon Frey ordering him with gathering of his forces, which are to be reinforced by Frey’s cavalry and march on Crackedmotte to arrest Walder Rosnell

282 AC

1.1.1 282 AC – Tourney at Harrenhal ends, Lord Walder Frey considers marrying Caralla to Aegon, who is revealed as one of his “defiant” favourite or to one of his sons.
1.2.3 282 AC – Aegon Frey gathers his forces and lay siege to Crackedmotte. Negotiation is offered and accepted by both forces next day at dawn
1.2.4 282 AC – First Roland’s negotiation – Aegon Frey is killed while at negotiation table, Ser Gyle Ashtree saves Roland Blackwood from certain death and is too killed by arrows. Roland Blackwood survives, using the table as his shield. Siege is broken. It was part of a desperate plan to honor the bargain with Mallister with hope of being militarily protected from wrath of The Twins.
1.7.1 282 AC – Force of Walder Frey, leaded by Ryman Frey and Black Walder arrives at Crackedmotte with Theon Rosnell as their prisoner and force Walder Rosnell to surrender. Both are later executed and lands of lord Rosnell are to be joined under the rule of Ironhall.
2.1.5 282 AC – Roland Blackwood arrives at The Twins and is recognized by Lothar Frey, he is released of any blame on part of Aegon’s death and his Blackwood identity hidden, for now, from Walder Frey. Lothar arranges maestership for Roland at Ironhall, much against the will of maester Brenett sworn to serve The Twins.
2.4.3 282 AC – Rhaegar supposedly kidnaps Lyanna Stark, Brandon Stark on his way to Riverrun
2.4.4 282 AC – Caralla Blackdeere is wed to Ser Osmond Frey and Ser Osmond is now named the landed knight of Ironhall
2.6.5 282 AC – Brandon Stark, Ethan Glover, Jeffory Mallister, Kyle Royce a Elbert Arryn arrives at the gates of Red Keep and are arrested by Aerys II
3.2.6 282 AC – Rickard Stark and Gallart Glover, together with their men and previously arrested sers are executed, with exception of Ethan Glover, who was thrown into dungeons below Red Keep
3.3.2 282 AC – Rebellion starts at Eyrie, where Eddard Stark, Robert Baratheon and Jon Arryn call for heir banners, Lord Baratheon takes the road to Gulltown with Jon Arryn to sieze ships of lord Marq Grafton with or without his help for his voyage south to Stormlands. Lord Stark with small entourage travels to the North by Kingsroad, letter to Lord Tully is sent
3.5.7 282 AC – Siege of Gulltown is over, with Marq Grafton slain at the walls, his heir is taken prisoner as some of other lords and knights of the Vale, who had time to join Marq Grafton’s resistance. Lord Stark sends raven to Winterfell from Moat Cailin, calling his banners.
3.7.4 282 AC – Robert Baratheon, right after his landing at Storm’s End rushes to Summerhall with some of his gathered banners to crash loayalist inssurection and wins three battles at that day. After Sumerhall, Stormlands stands united.
4.6.1 282 AC – Battle of Darry – Hastly prepared forces of loyalists from Riverlands are reinforced by Targaryen troops and small groups of other bannermen, leaded by Barristan Selmy, Jonothor Darry, Willem Darry and Alliser Thorne in order to secure the road to King’s Landing and as a rallying point for others. Lord Blackwood, most strongest bannerman of Lord Tully arrives at Darry and offer battle to the loyalists. Order of battle is marred for loyalists when Roland Blackwood and his bannermen forces the other side to attack them on nearby ridge, devastating defeat of loyalist’s cavalry, volleys of deadly blackwood arrows and pinning the whole Targarian right flank by Ser Raymar Brighdale, against all odds. Decisive victory is won for the Rebellion that day, leaving castle at Darry at Lord Blackwood’s mercy. Siege commens.
4.6.3 282 AC – Lord Walter Whent comes into aid of besieged castle and at night helps some of it’s garrison and previously routed men to break trough the siege. He withdraws with them to Harrenhall. Leaving rest of the garrison at their own luck.
4.6.4 282 AC – Lord Ryman Darry, the oldest son of previous lord Darry surrenders the castle to Lord Blackwood
4.6.5 282 AC – Treachery at Darry, Lord Blackwood and his bannermen are mildly poisoned at dinner with aim of being comatized by wilful act of treachery. Raymar Brightdale saves the other bannermen and his liege and ends the plot by arresting all of Darrys, including maester. As it was discovered, Darrys hoped to recapture the castle in ongoing chaos after their deed and use hostages for any possible exchange or demands and possibly forcing Blackwood’s army to rout, leaderless.
4.6.6 282 AC – All plotters from house Darry, including the maester are beheaded by Lord Blackwood for treachery and breaking the vows of hospitality, except for youngest son, Raymun Darry.
5.1.4 282 AC – Lord Blackwood hands the castle to Lord Bracken and is summoned to march back to Riverrun and then at Pinkmaiden Castle, where now Lord Tully forces reside
5.3.1 282 AC – Lord Blackwood marches to Pinkmaiden Castle, joined with lord Salisser, his bannerman and loses other of his bannermen, ser Podd Baltbone. Raymar Brightdale investigates on order of Lord Blackwood. Lord Tully shares his plan to march towards Lord Baratheon, who is readying his forces and is willing to join Tully. Lord Stark is obstructed by Lord Walder Frey and not allowed to cross The Twins hence marches through the Trident.
5.3.7 282 AC – Battle of Ashord takes place, driving Robert into retreat, Randyll Tarly and Mace tyrell march at Storm’s End to break the Stormlands.
5.5.1 282 AC – news of Robert’s retreat reaches Pinkmaiden aswell as a message from Lord Stark about his long awaited coming. Lord Tully marches back to RIverrun with his host to meet him.
5.7.4 282 AC – Catelyn Stark is wed to Lord Stark, Lord Blackwood loses another of his bannermen – ser Lament Oakhold’s murderer is traced with help of some mercenaries from Southern Isles, brought with Lord Salisser.
6.1.3 282 AC – Raymar Brightdale tracks the murderer’s ring and together with Roland Blackwood find and kill their leader Sarho, frankly losing their chance to found the man behind the murder. Lord Odon Salisser rides out supposedly helping Lord Blackwood and Ser Raymar, only to flee the military camp. It was later hinted, that Odon hoped to possibly kill both of them, being the man who secretly worked against the Rebellion, in prospect of getting Blackwood Vale from Aerys II. Only ser Desmond Sally,Raymar Brightdale and his brother, Tytos remains in service of lord Blackwood
6.2.4 282 AC A message about Jon Connigton’s army, closing in to capture Robert’s army nearby Stoney Sept is received at the castle of Riverrun
6.2.5 282 AC – Lord Walter Whent retakes Darry, which was abandoned by Lord Bracken without substantial garrison and sends raven to Lord Blackwood, offering ransom for his brother, Oswell Whent and young lord Raymun Darry
6.3.1 282 AC – Lord Salisser declares himself protector and supporter of Targaryen cause in Mudgrave and starts plundering the city for supplies.
6.3.5 282 AC – Lord Vance is ordered by Hoster Tully to move his vanguard and retake Darry castle
6.3.7 282 AC – Raventree is attacked by large force of mercenaries and Salisser men-at-arms.
6.4.1 282 AC – Raventree has fallen, great massacre caused by the Ironborn leaves few witnesses
6.4.2 282 AC – Salisser plunders the Blackwood Vale and Buckle. Confirmed news reached the Riverrun
6.4.5 282 AC – Ser Raymar Brightdale saves his wife

Timeline of The Marble Throne

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