Passage of Time - Custom ASOIAF Calendar

In our game, we started using custom made calendar following every aspect of The Seven.
This version of calendar mitigates the problem of time tracking without seasons by movement of the moon and not being related anyhow to Earth, but loosely on movements and intern- logic of Planetos.

  • Years, months, weeks and days have their own specific aspects.
  • One year has seven months.
  • Each month has seven weeks.
  • Each week has seven days
  • That means every month has 49 days, every year have 343 days
  • Months and years have fixed sequence. Each month have different starting aspect for their weeks to end with their own aspect.


  • Red – iniciation festivities, often fasting
  • Yellow – Trade, harvest faires
  • Blue – New Year festivities
  • Green – Law rites
  • Purple – Death rites, remembrance of the Dead
  • If aspects align – aspect festivities, except Stranger.
  • Grey – taboo weeks, first month before Father week – Fasting week
  • Special festivities and pligrimages – aspects alignment.

Passage of Time - Custom ASOIAF Calendar

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