The Marble Throne

Story continues - Unlikely meeting at King's Landing

Session log of Session XIX

Session opening time : 286 AL 2. Month, Week of Warrior(3), Day of Crone(4)

Aaron Qorgyle and Quentyn of Lys meet at new Griffin’s Gate in King’s Landing. They discuss the upcoming tourney celebrating first anniversary of capturing the city from Usurper’s army. Word is that the tourney is going to be used for choosing new members to Kingsguard and to patch up uneasy peace among those who favoured King Robert and those who fought for Targaryen restoration in the old war and the new.

It is quickly evident that a lot of effort has been made in restoring the old city since their last visit as the new docks quarter is humming with activity. As they go along the main road to the White Keep, they witness a group of Septons reading Thirty Acts of Most Devout, with unpleasant mention of Aaron Qorgyle as one of the condemned by the Council of Most Devout for his leading part in sacking of High Garden.

Along the way to the castle they meet Lord Commander Gerolt Hightower who gives them leave to enter the White Keep and be housed there for the whole event. Both Hightower and Lord Whent speak clear about their grievances from the lord Protector Doran Martell and urge Aaron Qorgyle to side with them against the Dornish Prince on topics of Golden Company and custody of young king’s family.

Later that day, Quentyn and Aaron are summoned to receive king’s welcome and to offer gifts to His Grace, Aegon VI. Quentyn, sent as an emissary of lord Jaime Lannister offers a lavish gift in form of a golden drague statue, decorated with rubies. Aaron Qorgyle offers a silver goblet, with delicate details of five dragons chasing a game around it’s sides. Among many other nobles is also Lord Dustin, who is being sent in name of lord Stark, offering a large cube of ice. Ceremony end’s up with a feast, where much is debated: presence of the Night’s Watch in King’s Landing, future of the dragons and exhausted state of Riverlands, together with certain rumors about vile powers operating in the heart of the Lord Frey’s lands

After the feast, Lord Qorgyle falls into ugly argument with his wife Tyta about his recently declared apostasy and is aproached by Spider, who reminds the lord of still present threat from Iron Islands and seeks to advice Aaron to choose cautiously between discontended “Small Lords”" and his own allegiance to Doran Martell and cause of Dorne, which as Spider claims, is more than needed to sustain a fragile peace.

Next morning are Aaron and Quentyn summoned to speak privately with Doran Martell about strange nature of events in Riverlands. As is further revealed, the purpose of this meeting is to verify Aaron’s testimony with other notable record – letter from Roland Blackwood to Castle Black written almost two years back. Meeting is after a while abrutly moved to another place, where Aemon Targaryen and Ser Arryn, another unusual hosts, explain another motive of their route south – to personally examine a ruin named Withermotte and to find if any of the elements described by Blackwood’s letter are to be based on truth. Aaron and Quentyn, both intriqued by their own motives offer to join the small detachment of Night’s Watch and are to leave the tourney the very next day.



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