The Marble Throne

Session XXVIII - Lordly Dispute

287 5/6/2
Tourney of Raventree has ended. Lord Paramount Walder Frey rides north with his kinsmen and lord Goodbrook as his prisoner. Lord Vance along with his bannerman, lord Smallwood rides south.

Lord Aaron Qorgyle is persuaded by Lord Whent to follow him to King’s Landing. On the road along Cairns they bear witness to atrocities made by lord Mudd and lord Mandrake henchmen, making lord Whent even more resolute in his plans. Lord Aaron Qorgyle hesitates about his choice to back lord Whent and hopes to conclude the issue with Doran Martell personally. Cregan the Veteran makes friends as both parties travel along side to King’s Landing and accidentaly discovers Whent’s plan to pardon former royalists sent to the Wall fronta ser Wylis Wode, bannerman of lord Whent. The path turns suspiciously empty near Harrenhall. Accounts of both first and second hand dragon sightings are heard last days on the road. Dismissed by Lord Whent until confirmed directly by a letter from his source in King’s Landing. Whent’s maester rides to Harrenhal to await instructions of the Citadel. Lord Frey summons by a letter lord Qorgyle to his seat at Twins. Whent proposes to ride for Stokeworth castle, where his old friend, lord Aelys Stokeworth rules for further information about events in King’s Landing. They arrive at dusk to Find castle mostly undefended. Aelys informs Lord Whent and Lord Qorgyle about the return of Viserys and Daenerys from Braavos, managed by Talena Toland and other donnish banermen.



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