The Marble Throne

A Story So Far: Part 1 - 281-282AL

From Ironhall to Withermotte

Lands ruled for several years by now deceased Ranulf Blackdeere are inherited by his only daughter Caralla Blackdeere. However the succession comes with a great deal of trouble. Many suitors report to the new lady, including those from the house of Lord Walder Frey, liege lord of Blackdeers. In this difficult time Roland Blackwood, seasoned traveller,ex-student of the Citadel and long time voluntary exile is passing around on his way to the North, living off the land and gifts from the smallfolk for his potions and remedies learned at the Citadel.

Roland is suddenly woken up from uneasy dream: A wounded black stag is running through the snow layered woods. He is being pursuited by an unknown force. A raven calls in the background and other ravens join up with the first. The stag is weary and running unto unknown territory, layered by deep footsteps, by the logic of the dream, it is known to Roland that a crone has walked upon this path and she awaits him. Pack of Eagles shouts in the background, their screech as if to evocate death of a kin. Ravens and eagles circle around the hill. Stag is being pursued and falls into an ancient well upon the hilltop. Dreams ends with blue and red, the Night and Sun circling around Roland.

The purpose o



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